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Pronounced "I Knew IT" is A Gold Medal Winner

Sidu Ponnappa joins I-nu-IT as Technical Advisor

November 6, 2013, Bangalore

I-nu-IT welcomes Sidu Ponnappa as its Technical Advisor. Sidu started messing around with computers when he was six and has used Ruby as his preferred programming language since 2006. He has also spent nearly five years at ThoughtWorks doing Agile (specifically XP) and delivering projects in a distributed setting for Fortune 1000 clients.Read more about Advisors & Mentors

I-nu-IT successfully Launched on November 1, 2013

I-nu-It Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd., successfully launched its Gold Medal Winner "I-nu-IT" on November 1, 2013, on Karnataka Rajyotsava Day. The launch was started by Chief Technology Officer of I-nu-IT, Sharath Chander Punthambekar by welcoming their invitees & after a brief introduction of the Chief Key Note Speaker Mr Srinivas M Jamkhandi, Director (Dy Secretary), Ministry of MSME, Government of India & followed by a remote launch speech by I-nu-IT CEO Mr Narasimhan M H from Mumbai.

Three Landmark Declarations & announcements were made on the launch day taking I-nu-IT into the next orbit of success.

Mr Srinivas M Jamkhandi Director (Dy Secretary), Ministry of MSME, Government of India, who launched the product "I-nu-IT" (Pronounced "I Knew It"), declared the launch on completion of the lighting the lamp. In his talk he assured the audience consisting of friends, technology peers, franchisees & customers, that Govt. of India will consider to provide up to 75% of the total cost of the software implementation as a refund to SMEs by Govt of India from Ministry of MSME, for those SMEs which implement "I-nu-IT"

Mr Collin Timms, Chairman of Guardian Bank, assured I-nu-IT, that he would recommend implementing to all his over 1600 SME NGO & other customers "I-nu-IT". Mr Timms wanted to start the implementation right away both in India & abroad

Mr Gautham Balasubramanya, Research Fellow and Programme Lead of Institute of Productivity, UK, announced their collaboration with I-nu-IT to make the certified education programme which NOCN Validates and is Endorsed by World Productivity Governing Body (WCPS) will work with I-nu-IT. This would mean small enterprises are educated in business improvement with I-nu-it as the key feature. Gautham of IOP, further highlighted that the collaboration of IOP & I-nu-IT a World- class software aimed specifically at MSMEs will help them gain control of their business, stabilizing them, ready for growth with a world-class approach to improving their productivity and performance, building in that control and stability, allowing them to grow and thrive. I-nu-IT & IOP is, therefore, a route to reaching world-class levels of performance, to achieving operational excellence.

All the invitees appreciated the functions, features & easy to use screens of I-nu-IT. The launch ended with Sharath Chander Punthambekar giving an on-line demo of all the features after questions from the audience section & with a lunch.

Times of India Article, 22nd Oct, 2013

TOI Article TOI - 22nd Oct 2013 Times of India article on I-nu-IT .
It has been beautifully covered by the press review in Times of India.

The only data-management solution a small or medium enterprise typically invests in is an accounting software like Tally. To manage the rest of the functions, like inventories and stock supplies, the manager relies on his goodold ledger, files and notebooks. Nothing wrong with them, except it's hard to handle the growing volume of transactions and the diverse types of data.
That, in turn, limits his ability to diversify and grow in business. Sharath Chander Punthambekar, a 59-year-old veteran in implementing ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions in India and abroad, saw this as an opportunity and set out to build a platform that would put the small businessmen on a par with their resource-rich counterparts, as far as IT infrastructure is concerned. How Inuit plans to helps SMEs Read more

Bengaluru, India, October 14, 2013

Inuit Cloud Technologies, today announced the proposed launch of its Gold Medal Winner I-nu-IT (pronounced "I knew it"), on November 1, 2013, in Bangalore, on the Karnataka Rajyotsava Day. An affordable software on the cloud, I-nu-It ("I knew it"), is poised to create a SME Business Revolution, by providing an affordable, easy & quick software solution on the cloud to over 18 Million Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India driving 40% GDP of the country, who can not afford expensive solution & need to have a quick & simple software to automate their business processes.

"I-nu-IT provides the 5-12-5 Advantage to SMEs of India,

said Mr. M H Narasimhan (MHN), CEO of I-nu-IT Cloud Technologies. Having coined the name I-nu-IT for this trend blazing software which is brainchild of Mr. Sharath Chander Punthambekar, CTO of Inuit Cloud Technologies, MHN explained how for negligible Rs 5 per day per user the 12 critical metrics of any organization like Order Processing, Purchases, Inventory, Deliveries, Sales, Payments, Receipts etc., are covered & implemented in just 5 Days time". And Best Part is No License fees, No Implementation fees, No Customization fees, (Customization may not be required), No Maintenance fees, No Enhancement fees, No Version Up Grade fees & No Consultant fees."

I-nu-IT is a Gold Medal Winner web innovation, of India Innovation Award for 2011 by Lockheed Martin Company, USA and Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India.

I-nu-IT is designed and developed by sharath chander punthambekar. The project is angel funded by narasimhan m h (mhn) a well known corporate strategist.

I-nu-IT helps SMEs of India to automate quickly their key operation areas without the necessity to spend huge sums of money. With over 18 million SMEs in India driving 40% GDP of the country, SMEs required a solution which is not an expensive corporate solution, but an easy, affordable and quick solution.

I-nu-IT! provides an effective web solution to SMEs in India. It can implemented in just 5 days time and covers all the 12 essential areas like purchases, inventory, sales, payments, receipts etc..

Cutting Edge Technology

I-nu-IT, is designed using one of the most advanced web framework "ruby on rails". The test driven development methodology is being used along with behavior driven development which provides the user the advantage of agile technology in having quick turn arounds of the requirements.

Benefit SMEs

It is provided on paid subscription basis. Users get productive very quickly as the implementation gets over in less than a week. You may continue to use your current account package which you are using. Best Part is;

  • No License fees
  • No Implementation fees
  • No Customization fees (Customization may not be required)
  • No Maintenence fees
  • No Enhancement fees
  • No Version Up Grade fees
  • No Consultant fees

I-nu-IT Pronounced "I Knew IT"

helps you mind your business with one single click